Longevity Consulting Creates Unique Green Belt to Black Belt Continuous Process Improvement Training Program at The United States Department of Agriculture

Washington, DC—January 23, 2013— Longevity Consulting, one of the Washington region’s leading providers of Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) training and support to the federal government, has created a customized CPI training program designed to elevate CPI Green Belts to the rank of Black Belt for the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) agency at United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Within the Continuous Process Improvement world, practitioners are given rankings depending on their process knowledge and experience. Borrowing from the martial arts, CPI ranks participants in ascending order from White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt to Master Black Belt. In the past, practitioners were required to select a level they wished to achieve and had to stay at that level or re-enter the training arena from square one to obtain further certifications. In an effort to optimize and make the training process more efficient, Longevity developed a transition program that builds on the initial 2 weeks of training provided at the Green Belt level and adds to it an additional 2 weeks of training to elevate Green Belts to the 4 weeks of training received by traditional Black Belts. This unique program allows more cost efficient use of continuingly limited training resources and provides proven CPI practitioners an avenue for advancement. This program, in place at USDA APHIS, has proven to be a dynamic way to continue developing the organization’s CPI program and expanding the agency’s self sufficiency. Longevity looks forward to continuing to work with the USDA to evolve and extend its Continuous Process Improvement successes.

About Longevity Consulting

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