Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) Directorate of Mission Assurance (DMA)

Project Overview:

HQDA DMA resides within the Office of the Administrative Assistant (OAA) to the Secretary of the Army, and was tasked by the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army with implementing the Army Protection Program (APP) for HQDA. The HQDA Protection Program functions as the overarching management framework to synchronize, prioritize and coordinate protection policies and resources. At the strategic level, the HQDA Protection Program serves to expand program oversight, ensure Senior Leader accountability and better facilitate risk-based decision making.

Longevity’s Role:

Longevity was awarded a prime contract to provide the HQDA DMA with subject matter expertise in COOP planning; Emergency Management; Information Assurance; Test, Train, & Exercise (TT&E); Policy Planning; Web/SharePoint development; Database and Systems Integration; and Continuous Process Improvement and knowledge management services to properly develop and implement the HQDA Protection Program and support the Central United States Registry (CUSR) mission. In order to meet these mission goals, Longevity provided contract and program management, developed Protection Program implementation guidance and smart books, developed online training for 12 protection program security elements and designed and implemented internal and external SharePoint sites to allow the program to run smoothly and efficiently for employees and customers. Additionally, Longevity provided shelter in place kit support by replacing expiring food bars, water and batteries in shelter-in-place kits that support over 14,000 HQDA personnel, and inventorying kit locations and location points of contact.

Benefits Realized:

Our team of experts worked with the HQDA DMA to ensure that all requirements were met and accounted for all contingencies, from the development of new Standard Operating Procedures for the effective maintenance of data to the delivery of end-user training materials and implementation guides. At Longevity, we take a multi-faceted approach to security.  We work with our clients to provide security intelligence and risk management solutions, protecting mission critical business information and systems from unauthorized access. It is our mission to ensure your organization is prepared to handle any situation with confidence and efficiency.