The Department of Treasury, Bureau of Public Debt (BPD)

Project Overview:

The Department of Treasury, Bureau of Public Debt (BPD), requested support in strengthening their Enterprise Architecture (EA) and with the development of a single EA repository tool that could be used for strategic IT analysis and decision making.  Longevity was able to fill this role through researching, documenting and developing a customized Bureau-specific Business Reference Architecture.   Our experts delivered a custom-designed EA framework, which allowed the Bureau to capture all the information necessary to support the project with specific emphasis on the business architecture.

Longevity’s Role:

Longevity’s team was directly responsible for all aspects of the process, from the identification and mapping of business capabilities and their relationships to essential business functions across the organization, to recommendations to update process models to reflect appropriate work flow from an operational perspective.  Our consultants worked with the Bureau’s team members throughout the project, ensuring success with out of the box solutions that provided strategic perspective on the business and implementing changes that would be most beneficial to the organization.

Benefits Realized:

With the understanding our team gained through their involvement in this project, Longevity was able to make recommendations to improve the development of the Bureau’s future capabilities, revise and align their performance metrics with their business functions and processes, decompose their systems to show alignment between system functions and business functions and consolidate areas where multiple systems were being used to perform similar processes, providing ongoing value.  In today’s competitive marketplace, we understand the importance of value and return on your investment, and we make it our goal to actively seek out ways in which we can provide both to our clients on a daily basis.