National Science Foundation (NSF)

Project Overview:

The National Science Foundation initiated a program to build the next generation Grants Management System to align with the agency’s business processes and enterprise architecture. This solution is now called Research.gov.  Longevity provided system integration support in the areas of HSPD-12, Identity Management and Information Security solutions.  We completed all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle, as well as the appropriate artifacts from requirements analysis to design, test, provide system training, and system troubleshooting.

Longevity’s Role:

Our Identity Management experts were tasked with creating customer web services for enterprise-wide authentication and consolidating it for over 40 diverse applications.  We played a key role in creating communication and outreach materials and promoting the new system to stakeholders across the organization.  Our efforts allowed the NSF to begin moving toward a single sign-on for the enterprise, and help define their strategy for enterprise role management and Federal Identity Credential and Access Management (FICAM) compliance.

Benefits Realized:

These transformative changes in NSF’s system helped streamline their processes and ensure that the program meets all compliance standards.  The coordination of so many moving parts and gaining the buy-in of so many stakeholders can seem like an overwhelming prospect, and Longevity was pleased to leverage our considerable expertise to lead these efforts and provide real value to the organization.