Fairfax County Government

Project Overview:

Fairfax County Government tasked Longevity with the full development and completion of the NCRnet Process Review and Agreement Refresh for the National Capital Region’s Interoperable Communications Infrastructure (NCR ICI). The task required the review of current processes, definition of requirements for refresh and documentation of the refreshed Change Management and Incident Management processes, procedures and performance measures for the NCRnet Act of 2010.

Longevity’s Role:

Longevity provided executive level consulting and analytical services in support of the National Capital Region (NCR) Interoperability Service (IS). NCRIS consists of the NCRNet institutionalized network, emergency management services and applications, and information sharing between cities and counties of a metropolitan region.  We played a key role in the development of governance to support inter-jurisdictional on-ramping of jurisdictional sponsored infrastructure, services, applications and information.  The frameworks developed by Longevity include Capital Planning and Investment Control, Interconnection Agreements, Incident Management and Change Management to enable Information Technology standardization across the 38 jurisdictions in the metropolitan region.

Benefits Realized:

Information Assurance experts worked to protect the system’s data throughout the project by ensuring the integrity of the records, that proper access to the data was maintained, that authentication measures were in place at all times, that information was kept confidential and that users’ actions were accounted for throughout the process.  These procedures fostered an environment in which all parties were able to collaborate efficiently and effectively, regardless of location.  As a leader in our industry, Longevity’s mission is to provide quality products and services to our clients on every engagement, designing solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.