Administrations change. Agendas get reformulated. Change is constant. Let’s do it more effectively. All federal agencies responsible for Process Improvement/Lean departments, RPA program managers, and technology can benefit from our partnership with Signavio.

Our partnership with Signavio brings to light their Business Transformation Suite, which offers the enterprise-level process intelligence needed for process improvement, RPA use-case identification, and measuring effectiveness across programs, as it relates to executive leadership directives. Longevity and Signavio co-hosted a webinar in May, 2021 on how to “Leverage Technology to Drive Process Intelligence.” View the recording here.

When the administration changed in 2015 – as part of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Secretary Tom Vilsack’s Blueprint for Stronger Service aimed to drive transformation enterprise wide. Longevity Consulting supported the leadership agenda in developing a continuous improvement capability, which changed the game for the USDA. Longevity achieved this by leveraging traditional Lean practices.

Bob Emerick, Longevity Consulting CIO

Candace Collins, North America Marketing, Signavio

Jean-Patrick Ascenci, Consulting Alliances Ecosystem, Signavio

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