Bob Emerick

Chief Information Officer

By Longevity Consulting | December 13, 2018 | Categories: | Tags

As CIO, Bob Emerick is responsible for leading the company’s technology and business transformation practices. With more than 20 years of experience overseeing complex transformation projects and implementing large-scale, multi-functional shared services centers, Mr. Emerick is a go-to resource for organizations looking to improve performance and efficiency through technology.

Mr. Emerick has served a diverse portfolio of clients across the federal and public sector, financial services, human capital, and consumer products industries. He’s leveraged a wide range of technologies including service-oriented architecture, business process management, document management, mobile technology, and other cutting-edge tools to support business service delivery.

Additionally, Mr. Emerick’s breadth of experience across a wide range of cultures and business challenges translates to unique and unconventional insights for clients. Not only does he provide a clear understanding of the underlying value that service efficiency, data transparency, and improved customer responsiveness can bring to an organization, but a road map for how to make it a reality, and the leadership to get there successfully.

Mr. Emerick holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from George Mason University with a concentration in accounting and management information systems.