“I spent 33 years in the greatest Army in the world. It was an honor to serve my country. I was blessed to serve with great soldiers, and the impact all of them had on me is truly amazing. I learned to be a leader and to work with the team to accomplish the mission. I think about my years in the Army every day, and I am extremely proud to be an American soldier. Army Strong!”

– Major General (R) James Simpson, Vice President – Department of Defense & Contracts  

This Veteran’s Day, we recognize the #HeroesAmongUs. Longevity Consulting is surrounded by heroes who lead and serve. Today, we extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to our colleagues, friends, and family members who chose to protect our nation.
Join us today as we honor our #HeroesAmongUsBobby, Joseph, Justin, James, Cristin, and Jesse.