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The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Human Resources IT Transformation (HR ITT) leads the government-wide transformation of HR Information Technology by focusing on modernization, consolidation, integration, and performance assessment. It manages the Human Resources Line of Business (HRLOB) initiative through active collaboration with agencies and service providers and focuses on improving the strategic management of human resources by overseeing governmentwide systems and services employed by agencies and service providers, Improving integration and interoperability of HR systems and promoting innovative technologies.
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Our Human Resources Line of Business (HR LOB) takes a phased approach to delivering HR services through shared service centers based on a common, reusable architecture that leverages open architecture concepts. These solutions enable the federal government to standardize HR business functions and processes, as well as the systems that support them. The HRLOB common solution will enable a shift in emphasis within the agencies from administrative processing to customer service and strategic planning. As with any change in processes and proceedures, this can pose a challenge for agencies. The government needed expertise and assistance in implementing data standards.


Longevity was brought in to support the implementation of human capital and payroll solutions that will help the diverse departments of the federal government throughout OPM. Longevity developed a Human Capital Management, Compensation and Benefits Conceptual Model (C&B CM), which is a framework for integrating the NewPay payroll solution into the Human Capital Business Reference Model.

The conceptual model uses our natural language processing algorithms to conduct fuzzy matching across shared service provider data sources and identify the common data elements and domain values between service providers, the payroll solution and the HCRBM. The C&B CM supports the interaction between the GSA NewPay team, shared service providers and OPM HRLOB in the design, definition and implementation of common data standards for payroll operations.

Business Impact

Our natural language processing algorithms have quickly and accurately identified common data elements and domain values, which reduces the level of manual review and improves the consistency of the data harmonization process for OPM. Our team developed innovative tools and methods to automate processes and increase accuracy. 

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With your support we have a  modernized underlying mainframe architecture, which has reduced O&M costs by millions of dollars and updated hundreds of systems that were inefficient and outdated due to reliance on the mainframe.

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