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We understand the evolving challenges facing federal grant programs where implementing new technologies is a must. IT modernization and targeted technical assistance (TTA) is needed to achieve successful outcomes and improve business processes. Our service delivery is rooted in fundamental subject-matter expertise to address programmatic needs of both practitioners and researchers. Longevity’s solutions establish new operational procedures that improve efficiencies and data integrity for high-volume peer review environments. 

Mission Driven

Longevity provides full lifecycle services and technical support for grants management programs. We support the implementation of internal control systems and performance measures during the planning phase, mechanisms and activities that ensure the appropriate awarding of grants during the pre-award phase. Our post-award activities consist of technical assistance, monitoring grantee performance, and evaluating grant program results to inform management decisions regarding future grant efforts.


Our Team Makes the Difference

Lynn Bauer

Lynn Bauer

Grants Program Support Lead

Bob Emerick

Bob Emerick

CIO, Strategic Management Consulting Lead


Ready to Serve Our Partners

Our support improves grant outcomes. You’ll see faster delivery of materials and training. With a streamlined review process, we see data integrity improve. When we introduce leading-edge technologies, we see more flexibility, more collaboration, and a deeper understanding of best practices. Here’s a glimpse at our pre-and-post award services. Contact our team to learn more.

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Analyze Current System

At this crucial step, insights gained from analyzing current procedures and solutions provide the foundation for creating a well-informed and effective transformation strategy. This can include risks related to technology implementation and market shifts.
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Recommend Process Improvement

We rely on evidence-based tools and models designed to achieve measurable performance gains. Our experts help increase chances of securing funding, reduce administrative burdens, and allocate more resources to the actual projects and initiatives that the grants support.
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Streamline with Automation

We automate the screening process to determine critical data points needed for application processing, eligibility determinations, and reviewer panel formations.

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Improve Communication

We enhance and maintain program websites, incorporating additional solutions for collaboration, communication, and education.
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Targeted Technical Assistance (tta)

We take a multidisciplinary team approach to addressing stakeholder needs in solving common and unique challenges, and develop and sustain programs that support education and dissemination of information to further grantee efforts.

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Monitor Outcomes

We monitor grantee performance and evaluate grant program outcomes to inform future grant efforts.

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